Eupana was formed in 2008. After several years of playing venues in New York and New Jersey with a rotating membership, the band took a hiatus to play with new musicians, work on other projects, and occasionally meet to work on new material. 

In 2013 the band reformed with new musicians and started to fix their gaze on releasing some music.  The band entered the studio in the summer of 2014 to record their first full length album. Their debut record “So Many Suns” was released during the cold month of December of 2014. They had the opportunity to play at Vivid – A Post-Rock Festival – in 2016, combining their first trip overseas to include other parts of Norway as well as Sweden.  In 2017 the band hit the road on a short summer tour of the Northeast.

Currently, the band is in hiding - feverously working on a follow up to “So Many Suns”. 

Shafeiq Baksh - guitar 
Max Bernstein - drums/percussion/synths/video 
Rebecca Lowe - piano/keyboards 
David Underwood – guitar 
Christopher Wood - bass